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Local Housing Allowance applies to most tenants who rent their home from a private landlord. Local Housing Allowance is based on the number of bedrooms you need, not how many bedrooms your home has or how much rent you have to pay.


Who will not be affected by Local Housing Allowance?

Local Housing Allowance will not apply to you if:

  • You rent your home from the council.
  • You rent your home from a registered provider, for example, a registered housing association.
  • You live in supported housing provided by a housing association or registered charity or voluntary organisation.
  • You live in a caravan, houseboat or hostel.
  • A substantial part of your rent is for board and attendance, for example, if you live in hotel accommodation.
  • Your tenancy is protected from rent restrictions, for example, tenancies which were entered into before January 1989.

Special rules for single people over 35 and couples with no children.

Single people over the age of 35 and couples with no children will only be allowed the 1 bedroom Local Housing Allowance rate if they actually rent a property of at least this size. If these people are living in accommodation where they share facilities like a living room, kitchen or bathroom, they will only be allowed the Local Housing Allowance rate for shared accommodation. The current Local Housing Allowance rates are published on the Doncaster Council website here so that landlords and prospective tenants are clear about the maximum amount of rent Housing Benefit will cover.

Payment of Local Housing Allowance

Under the Local Housing Allowance rules the payment will normally be sent to you. You will then be responsible for paying your rent to your landlord. In certain circumstances the payment can be made to the landlord direct. Contact you local Housing Benefit office for further information. If the decision is made to pay your landlord directly, this will only be for a short period. Your circumstances will be reviewed regularly to check it is still appropriate to pay your landlord.

Further Information

If you have any more questions about Local Housing Allowance and how it affects you please contact your local benefits office. You can also get further general information about Local Housing Allowance from the Department for Work and Pensions.

Website: www.gov.uk. This website gives more information about Local Housing Allowance.

For more information contact:

Doncaster Council
Housing Benefit Section
Civic Office
Tel: 01302 735336 (general enquiries)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.doncaster.gov.uk




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