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Road Tax Exemption Print E-mail
1. Who can get exemption?
All vehicles on the road are liable to Vehicle Excise Duty, better known as road tax. However, exemption from VED (including the first Registration Fee) for one car only, is given to some disabled people.

If you get one of the following benefits you, or your appointee, or someone you choose to nominate in your place, can apply for exemption from VED. 
  • High rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Enhanced mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • War Pesioners' Mobility Supplement
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)
If you are in receipt of the standard rate mobility component of personal independence payment, you will be entitled to a 50% reduction in your VED. Long stay hospital patients with transitional protection can still get the exemption.
However, technically "a vehicle is only an exempt vehicle when it is being used, or kept for use by or for the purposes of a disabled person". Neither the DWP nor the Department of Transport have defined exactly what this means. The disabled person does not necessarily have to be in the car, instead, it could be used to do their shopping or running errands: However, the use of an exempt car for purposes totally unconnected with the disabled person is technically illegal. The probability of being prosecuted is low and is only likely to occur where there is flagrant abuse of the exemption, for example where a non-disabled person uses the vehicle to drive to work. The DVLA has implied that, where the car is used substantially for the purposes of the disabled person, there is nothing to worry about. But note these dangers. You can then use the certificate issued by the DWP as proof of exemption when applying for a 'tax exempt disc' from the Vehicle Licensing Agency.
The above information is an extract taken from the Disability Rights Handbook 38th Edition, Chapter 6: Help with Mobility.
Passengers getting DLA Care Component or Attendance Allowance:
Road tax exemption for passengers getting DLA care component or attendance allowance was abolished in 12/10/93. So long as you were exempt before this date, or applied for help before the 12/10/93 transitional arrangements mean you will continue to get help under the old scheme.

2. Nominating another person’s vehicle

If you receive a qualifying benefit you can nominate another person’s vehicle to be exempt from road tax.  This may also apply to a company car registered in the name of the company - the person receiving mobility component should nominate the company for  exemption.  In order to qualify for exemption, the vehicle should be used "by or for the purposes of" the disabled person.  The named person who gets the exemption may be changed at any time.  For example, if you have nominated someone else for exemption and then get your own car, the exemption can be returned to you.

3. If you are refused exemption

Even if you have an exemption certificate from the DWP, it is within the discretion of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to refuse to grant exemption from road tax if they think that the vehicle will not be used “solely by or for the purposes of’’ the disabled person.  They are unlikely to do this unless your intended use of the vehicle would blatantly breach this condition.
If you are refused exemption, there is no formal procedure for appealing.  However, you can write, giving full details of why you think you qualify for exemption, the purposes for which the vehicle will be used etc., to :
Specialist Casework
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
Vehicle Enquiry Centre
Longview Road
Swansea SA99 1ZZ
Telephone: 0300 790 6802

4.How to claim an Exemption from Vehicle Tax

If you claim Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment
The process for getting an exemption from vehicle tax was simplified in 2010. If you currently get a free Vehicle Tax Disc using the Certificate DLA404, you should continue to use the certificate DLA404 at the Post Office or online to get your free vehicle tax disc. When your Certificate DLA404 is full you should contact the Disability Benefits Centre and ask for a Certificate of Entitlement. DLA404 certificates have been replaced with a new reusable Certificate of Entitlement to DLA. You can use this reusable certificate to get free vehicle tax as long as you remain entitled to a qualifying component of DLA or PIP.
If you are waiting to hear about a decision on your Disability Living Allowance claim, the Disability Benefits Centre will send you a Certificate of Entitlement to claim a free vehicle tax disc with your decision notice. They will only do this if you are entitled to the Higher Rate Mobility Component of DLA or Enhanced Mobility Component of PIP with your award.
The leaflet DLVA INS216 will be included with your Certificate of Entitlement. This will tell you how to get your free vehicle tax disc. Once you have used the new certificate you will need to keep it safe as you will need to use it each year.
You will need to request a replacement certificate if yours has been lost, stolen or damaged or the details of the registered keeper/vehicle has changed.  You should contact the relevant department below:
DLA      Tel: 08457 123456    Textphone: 08457 224433
PIP       Tel: 0845 8503322    Textphone: 0845 6016677
Service Personnel & Veterans Agency      Tel: 0800 1692277    Textphone: 0800 1693458
If you claim the War Pensioners Mobility Supplement or Armed Forces Independence Payment
If you claim the War Pensioners Mobility Supplement or Armed Forces Independence Payment, you will need to apply for an exemption certificate WPA0442. This will show your name and that of the nominee if you have nominated someone to drive for you.
To do this, contact the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency and ask for exemption certificate WPA0442.
Service Personnel and Veterans Agency
Telephone: 0800 169 2277
Textphone: 0800 169 3458

5.How to get your Free Vehicle Tax Disc

How to Tax online or by phone
If you want to tax online go to www.gov.uk/vehicle-exempt-from-car-tax or telephone: 0300 123 4321 or textphone: 0300 790 6201. Use the reference number shown on your V11 reminder or vehicle registration certificate (V5C). You will also need to enter the serial number shown on your DLA 404, Certificate of Entitlement or WPA0442 certificate. You’ll also need to have details as below of the person claiming the exemption to hand:
  • surname
  • date of birth
  • National Insurance Number

Your entitlement, insurance and MOT (if applicable) details will be checked electronically. 


Tax at a Post Office Branch

Use the V11 reminder or V5C in person at any Post Office branch that issues tax discs.


Take with you:


  • completed V11 reminder, full vehicle registration certificate (V5C) or the V5C/2 (new keeper) and a completed 'Application for a Vehicle Registration Certificate' (V62)
  • insurance certificate or cover note – must be valid when the tax disc comes into force
  • valid MOT or GVT certificate – if the car is over three years old (not required to tax invalid carriages)
  • exemption certificate – Certificate of Entitlement, DLA404 (if you are still using this) or WPA0442 (not required to tax invalid carriages)


All documents must be originals; not photocopies, faxed copies or downloaded copies. Please note that downloaded insurance certificates are now acceptable.



6.How do I renew my free tax disc when it runs out? 


The Disability Benefits Centre will automatically send you a Certificate of Entitlement every year to get your free vehicle tax disc. The unit will only do this if you continue to be entitled to the higher rate mobility component of DLA or the enhanced mobility component of PIP.

Buying a new vehicle
If you are buying a new vehicle and it is being registered for the first time, the dealer may licence it for you. If this is the case you will need to let him have your Entitlement Certificate and Certificate of Insurance and he will make the application on your behalf.

Motability Schemes
If you hire a vehicle through the Motability Scheme they will arrange to tax your vehicle each year and will send a tax disc to you. 


7. What to do if I sell my vehicle or am no longer entitled to the Road Tax Exemption?

If you sell your vehicle or your entitlement ends, you should return the free tax disc to the DVLA. You can do this by sending it to DVLA, Swansea SA99 1AL. You should send a covering letter with it. If you no longer qualify you will need to tax your vehicle in the appropriate tax class. You will need to pay for the vehicle tax.




DIAL Disclaimer
Whilst all the information given in this fact sheet was correct at the time of going to press,
DIAL Doncaster cannot be held responsible for any subsequent changes.


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