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Daisy Network UK

Address: The Daisy Network, PO BOX 71432, London, SW6 9HJ

The Daisy Network is a support group for women in their teens, 20's, 30's and 40's suffering from premature menopause. It is run by volunteers who have experienced this condition, and is supported by specialist experts in this field. The Daisy Network is a not-for-profit organisation and has no paid members of staff. They rely solely on the support of their volunteers and members.

The Daisy Network was founded in 1995 by a group of women who were patients of Dr. Conway, who is a patron of the charity. An affiliation with the charity Infertility Network UK (previously known as CHILD) was formed at the same time. The group started off being run by women in their spare time and today continues to be run totally by volunteers.


  • To provide a support network of people you can talk to.
  • To allow members to share information about their personal experience of premature menopause.
  • To provide information on treatments and research within the fields of HRT and assisted conception.
  • To raise awareness of the condition among GP's, the broader medical community and policy makers.


  • Regional and national support network for meetings and/or telephone contact.
  • Information about various aspects of premature menopause and infertility solutions.
  • Advice on other support and information groups in related areas.
  • Quarterly newsletter, update.
  • Annual conference.

Membership: Dependent on membership in order to survive and need new members to enable them to continue to offer support and information. For less than £2 a month you can benefit their major aim.




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