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Address: Trinity Centre Kelly Close Whitechapel London E1 4HG
Tel: 020 7790 6147
Fax: 020 7790 9296
Website: www.deafplus.org

Promoting the integration of deaf and hearing people.


  • To develop innovative work with deaf and hearing people which enables them to improve their quality of life through contact, information and training.
  • To work for a world in which people who are deaf or hearing are able to live and work in harmony together, with the same equality between deaf and hearing people in all areas of life.
  • To work with people who are deaf, focusing on the person first, rather than their level of deafness and to enable a better quality of life to be fulfilled.
  • To promote and maintain positive and inclusive role models between deaf and hearing people with deafPLUS.
  • To train and support deaf and hearing people outside deafPLUS in achieving equal status and recognition.


  • Language and literacy courses.
  • Total communication workshops and deaf awareness courses.
  • Mobile community outreach and information services.
  • Family contact groups.
  • Youth group.
  • Vocational training for deaf people and those with other disabilities.
  • Deafened contact group.
  • 730 Stage 1 City and Guilds Teachers Certificate/Core skills.

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