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Department of Health

Address: Richmond House 79 Whitehall London SW1A 2NS
Tel: 0207 210 4850
Fax: 0115 902 3202
Website: www.dh.gov.uk

Government department for health.

Aims: To improve the health and well being of the people of England, through the resources available by:

  • Supporting activity at local level to protect, promote and improve the nation's health.
  • Securing the provision of comprehensive, high quality health care for all those who need it, regardless of their ability to pay or where they live.
  • Securing responsible social care and child protection for those who lack the support they need.


  • Reducing the incidence of avoidable illness, disease and injury in the population by:
  • Working across government and with local agencies and groups on a range of measures designed to improve the health of the public.
  • Providing accurate and accessible information on how to reduce the risk of illness, disease and injury.
  • Encouraging people to live healthily.
  • Raising standards and setting targets to galvanise and encourage widespread improvements in public health, and in particular a narrowing of current inequalities in health status.

Treating people with illness, disease or injury quickly, effectively and on the basis of need alone by:

  • Providing family health services which are accessible to people wherever they live.
  • Reducing the number of people waiting, and the time they have to wait, for treatment.
  • Improving the clinical effectiveness in the NHS.
  • Ensuring that the NHS prioritises treatments according to clinical need, not people's ability to pay, nor where they live, nor who is their general practitioner.

Enable people who are unable to perform essential activities of daily living, including those with chronic illness, disability or terminal illness, to live as full and normal lives as possible by:

  • Providing care according to individual need regardless of organisational boundaries.
  • Helping people to live independently, and supporting them wherever possible in their own homes.
  • Giving people who need it access to effective palliative care.
  • Securing appropriate and effective social care for those who lack the means or other support to get the help they need.

Maximise the social development of children within stable family settings, by enabling local authorities, with the resources and guidance to:

  • Secure appropriate and effective social care to prevent significant neglect or abuse and to support families.
  • Assume where necessary sufficient parental responsibility in relation to individual children.

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