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Depression Alliance

Address: 9 Woburn Walk, London, WC1H 0JE
Tel: 0845 123 2320


  • To help those who are depressed by putting sufferers in touch with each other.
  • To help relatives and friends to understand and cope with the problems which arise when a family member or friend is depressed.
  • To educate public opinion so that depression is better understood.
  • To co-operate with the caring professions where possible and provide back-up medical treatment.
  • To promote and encourage research into the causes and alleviation of depression.


  • The Depression Alliance provides information and support enabling both sufferers and carers to cope with the nature of the illness.
  • A national Pen-Friend Scheme for all ages is in operation.
  • Holds a series of conferences, seminars and workshops throughout the UK on various aspects of depression to assist both sufferers and carers.
  • National network of self-help groups.
  • Trained volunteers who offer personal and confidential support via the Alliance's Correspondence Scheme, or putting people in touch with someone through the Alliance's Penfriend Scheme.
  • Working with healthcare professionals to secure better service provision for people affected by depression, and lobbying government to influence policy making in this mental health field.
  • Raising awareness amongst the general public.
  • Carrying out research in partnership with universities, health professionals and other voluntary organisations to research the causes, treatments and instances of depression in the UK, and using this information to educate and inform health professionals, government and the general public via the media.




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