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Depression UK

Address: PO Box 10566 Nottingham NG13 8LU

A small, national, self-help charity for those suffering from, or who have suffered from depression.

Depression UK promotes mutual support between individuals affected by or at risk from depression, with the aim of encouraging self help, recovery and personal growth.

The Charity aims:

  • To offers fellowship, (Friendliness), to anyone with depression, whoever they are, in order to help them overcome their illness.
  • To overcome the isolation felt by many people with depression, and to help break down the stigma attached to the illness.
  • To strictly preserve the anonymity of their members at all times.
  • To work alongside the medical and caring professions, and to attempt to meet the needs of sufferers not covered by health professionals.
  • Neither to give medical advice nor to endorse any medical treatment or product - because they are not qualified to do so.


The members of Depression UK know from their own personal experiences that those who suffer from depression find it helpful to share their problems with fellow sufferers.

For that reason, they share by offering their members, for an annual subscription of £10, (or less for those who have difficulty paying this):

  • A 24 page Newsletter that is posted to them at least 4 times a year containing many letters and other contributions sent in by their members.
  • A Pen-Friend scheme.
  • A Phone-A-Friend scheme.
  • Internet "D-UK chat".
  • Contact with independent Groups.
  • Discussions at their AGM and other meetings.
  • An Information phone line, answered when a volunteer is available.
  • Information leaflets.

Welcomes new members and urgently need new volunteers to spare a few hours to help run the charity.

Local Groups: Contact head office for details.



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