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FASD Trust

Address: Unit 8, The Gallery, 54 Marston Street, Oxford, OX4 1LF
Tel: 01608 811599

The FASD Trust was started in January 2007 in response to the growing number of requests for information on FASD being received by the adoptive parents of a child with FAS.


  • To improve the understanding of those with FASD.
  • To increase the support that those with FASD and their families/carers receive, not just from statutory bodies, but from the wider community.
  • To prevent others being born with FASD.
  • To provide resources and training and to raise awareness on FASD and the potential dangers of drinking in pregnancy.


  • Supports families affected by FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders), including FAS, FAE and ARND.
  • Informs people about FASD is, nor only to increase the understanding of those affected and the support available to them, but also to prevent this condition arising in others.
  • Runs support groups.
  • Holds training seminars.
  • Provides advice on "best practice" to teachers, medics and other professionals involved in the care of those with FASD.
  • Informs local and national decision makers to ensure provision for those with FASD.
  • Collaborates with others.




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