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Frank Buttle Trust

Address: 15 Greycoat Place London SW1P 1SB
Tel: 020 7828 7311

Founded in 1937 and operational since 1953, the Frank Buttle Trust is the largest UK charity providing grant aid solely to individual children and young people in desperate need. For over half a century, the Trust has helped many thousands of vulnerable children, young people and families throughout the UK. In 2006 - 2007, the Trust made 8,785 grants, totalling £2.7 million. The people they help are often in particularly difficult circumstances and may be experiencing significant deprivation. They may be estranged from their family, seriously ill or experiencing a range of other social problems.


  • To ensure that children and young people in desperate need are given a brighter future.
  • To alleviate hardship experienced by children in the community.
  • The Trust seeks to influence government on the public policy that affect children and young people, and works collaboratively with a number of other children's charities to effect change for children.


  • Gives grants for essential items, e.g. White goods, clothing, bedding etc.
  • Also offers assistance to students/trainees.
  • The Trust provides support through the following grant aid schemes:
  • The Child Support Scheme.
  • The Grant Scheme for Students and Trainees.
  • The School Fees Scheme.
  • The BBC Children in Need Small Grants Scheme.

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