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Hearing Link

Address: 27-28 The Waterfront Eastbourne East Sussex BN23 5UZ
Tel: 0300 111 1113 SMS: 07526 123255

Hearing Link is a voluntary organisation working throughout the whole of the UK. Our aim is to connect people affected by hearing loss and their families with:

  • useful information about hearing loss,
  • specialist services,
  • others living with hearing loss who've had similar experience

Vision: To achieve the best possible quality of life for all adults affected by hearing loss whose main method of communication is speech.


  • To increase awareness and understanding of hearing loss and its impact.
  • To inform, enable and empower people to manage hearing loss.
  • To ensure that appropriate services are provided for people affected by hearing loss.
  • To ensure the viability, good governance and continuing effectiveness of the organisation.

Activities: Whether it's courses and programmes to help you manage your hearing loss, volunteering opportunities to develop your skills, or if you'd like to enjoy a holiday with communication support or read their feature magazine, simply take a look at their website and contact them for more detail.

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