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Hypoparathyroidism UK

Address: 6 The Meads East Grinstead West Sussex RH19 4DF

Hypoparathyroidism UK is the only national organisation committed to supporting children and adults affect by Hypoparathyroidism and other rare parathyroid disorders. HPTH is a rare condition, which occurs where there are inadequate or ineffective levels of parathyroid hormone and may be due either to a genetic disorder or as a direct result of neck surgery.


  • To support and empower its members.
  • To provide a comprehensive information resource for patients and professionals alike.
  • To raise awareness and understanding about Hypoparathyroidism in the medical world and the wider public.
  • To fund raise and campaign for standardised and more effective treatment throughout the UK.


  • Finds information to help you come to terms with the rare condition Hypoparathyroidism which can make you feel isolated and vulnerable. The website can help to explain the condition, help the doctor with his diagnosis or to work out ways to manage your medication.
  • Supports those living with the fear and uncertainty of an often uncontrollable condition.
  • Campaigns for much needed national guidelines and better treatment.
  • Organises fund raising events.

Membership: Membership is free, although they rely on donations to keep the website going.

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