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Address: 7-9 Elliott's Place London N1 8HX
Tel: 0207 359 3635
Website: www.kids.org.uk

KIDS is a charity which, in its 40 years, has pioneered a number of approaches and programmes for disabled children and young people. These include Home Learning (Portage), Parent Partnerships, Adventure Playgrounds and the inclusion of disabled children in mainstream settings.

KIDS wishes to build on this history to meet the needs and aspirations of a new generation of disabled children and young people and their families. In doing this, KIDS will become one of the leading charities in developing both the thinking and services that create an inclusive world for disabled children, young people and their families.


  • To work in partnership with parents/carers to enable children with disabilities/special needs to develop their skills and abilities and fulfil their own hopes and aspirations.
  • To provide local services to families with children who have special needs in partnership with parents and carers.


  • Home learning: structured but flexible service based on the Portage approach to study education, developed in America. It supports children up to the age of five who have a physical or learning disability, sensory impairment or whose development progress is causing concern.
  • Integrated nursery: for children two to five years (one third have a disability). The nursery offers a wide variety of play and learning opportunities enabling children with differing abilities to interact and learn from each other.
  • Respite care: the recruitment of families (in the local community) which can be linked to a child with a disability to become their respite carer.
  • Structured play sessions: for children from birth to two-and-a-half, with special needs. Emphasis is placed on involving the parents at every level and siblings, relatives and friends are encouraged to participate also.
  • Family service: practical and emotional support to families. This may be in the form of individual counselling, family work or self-help groups.
  • Integrated holiday play schemes: provides stimulating and enjoyable leisure activities for children with or without disabilities.
  • Independent Education Advisory Service: provides information, advice and representation to help children in appropriate assessments. This is a national service.

Cost: This varies from fully-funded to voluntary contributions or standard subsidised charges.

Local Groups: London, South East, West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber

Each centre can give details of services and any costs. Services are only available to those living in the borough of a family centre, except for the Independent Educational Advisory Service, which is nation-wide.

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