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Address: 3 The Links Trafalgar Way Bar Hill Cambridge CB23 8UD
Tel: 01954 780 500
Fax: 01954 780 510
Website: www.lumie.com

Manufacture and supply light therapy products - also known as or related to androv medical, seasonal depression, gold staff ltd, depression starting in winter, seasonal affected disorder, SAD disorder. As Europe's leading light therapy specialist, Lumie benefit from a wealth of scientific knowledge into the therapeutic effects of light. Lumie offers information on seasonal affective disorder, winter blues, jet lag and more. You can buy light therapy products - light boxes, light visors, dawn simulators - all conforming to the highest quality standards in their online shop, with a 30 day home trial, and free delivery on selected items. Products can be tested on a home trial system. Premises are wheelchair accessible.

Aims: To help with winter depression, jet lag, shift work and sleep pattern problems.


  • Lumie continues to focus solely on light therapy and its benefits.
  • As the market leader in this specialist area of health and wellbeing, their customers benefit from over 17 years of scientific expertise product innovation and consumer feedback.

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