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Macular Disease Society

Address: P.O. Box 1870 Andover Hampshire SP10 9AD
Tel: Helpline: 0300 3030 111, General enquiries: 01264 350 551

Self-help support group for people with Macular Disease.


  • To offer a support group run by and for people with Macular Disease.
  • To offer a self-help society for those suffering from any of the eye conditions encompassed by the overall name of Macular Disease.
  • To build confidence and independence for those with central vision impairment.


  • Runs network of local self-help groups.
  • Organises its own eye-donor scheme.
  • Holding several conferences each year at various locations around the UK to enable their members to hear of the latest developments from acknowledged experts in the field of Macular Disease.
  • Providing information and practical support so that those with the condition may make the most of their remaining vision.
  • Also provide information for health professionals, campaign for better services, sponsor research and raise awareness of Macular Degeneration and preventative measures.

Local Groups: There are currently 134 member groups, and 4 "Working Age Members" (WAM) groups around the UK. This includes members in 28 countries outside the UK


  • Ordinary UK Membership £15.00 per annum.
  • European Membership £25.00 per annum.
  • Rest of the World Membership £35.00 per annum.

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