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MATCH (Mothers Apart from their Children)

Address: BM Box No. 6334 London WC1N 3XX

MATCH is a self-help support network (begun in 1979) and registered charity (2007) run entirely by volunteers who are, or have been, mothers separated from their children in a variety of circumstances.

MATCH offers non-judgemental emotional support to mothers who are apart as a result of short or long term mental or physical ill-health when children have been fostered or adopted, to mothers whose children have been abducted abroad by their fathers, to mothers who are apart as a result of alienation following high conflict family breakdown when children profess not to want to see their mother, and to mothers of adult children who are apart as a result of a family row.

Some mothers may have limited or infrequent contact with their children, whilst others have no contact at all.

Increasingly, MATCH are finding that MATCH members are apart from children as well as grandchildren. MATCH members are at all stages of recovery but share two common bonds: knowing what it feels like to be apart from their children and a willingness to take responsibility for individual recovery.


  • To offer non-judgemental emotional support to mothers all over the world who are apart from their child for one or many complex reasons.
  • MATCH exists to support mothers who are apart from their children because of ill-health, fostering, adoption, abduction abroad, alienation following high-conflict family breakdown or family rows. Most of their members used to be part of a family structure and were, in the main, its linchpin. After divorce or separation, many were ostracised from that family deliberately and maliciously, and denied the opportunity to support the well-being of their children.


  • Quarterly newsletter in which members are encouraged to share their experiences and hard-won wisdom through contributing articles. personal histories, letters, poems, book reviews.
  • Some informal local meetings where members can speak freely and share their experiences and meet other mothers apart.
  • Set up penpals for those who wish to have one.
  • MATCH can suggest other sources of help as appropriate.
  • Annual AGM where members have an opportunity, perhaps for the first time, to speak to other mothers apart.
  • Free legal advice may be available.


  • You can join MATCH on line. See website above, or by writing to the address at the top of the page.
  • Please see website for current subscription charges for MATCH membership. Consessionary rates are available.

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