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Max Appeal

Address: 15 Meriden Avenue Wollaston Stourbride West Midlands DY8 4QN
Tel: 0300 999 2211

Charity founded by parents of children diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome/VCFS/a 22q11.2 deletion.


  • To give information to parents, carers, their families and anyone affected by the syndrome.
  • They affiliate with other charities etc. to provide more education, knowledge and support.


  • They put on events to raise money for the charity. They are designed to make life more enjoyable, for anyone affected by the syndrome, their parents and their carers. Even activities such as absailing and parachuting can also be enjoyed.
  • Fine Motor skills. Talks and training about not just threading beads and finger work but everything to help with handwriting to concentration levels and fitness.
  • They are on facebook 'Max Appeal - The Official Group' and twitter MaxAppealUK.

Membership: Please contact for details about Membership.

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