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MedicAlert Foundation

Address: 327 Witan Court Upper Fourth Street Milton Keynes MK9 1EH
Tel: 01908 951045

Provides internationally recognised medical identification emblems.

Aims: To provide personal medical information to protect and save lives.


MedicAlert is the only non-profit making, registered charity providing a life-saving identification system for individuals with hidden medical conditions and allergies, ie epilepsy, diabetes, allergies. This takes the form of body-worn bracelets or necklets (known as MedicAlert Emblems) bearing the MedicAlert symbol on the disc and supported by a 24 hour emergency telephone service.

Each member receives an Emblem that is engraved with the wearer's main medical condition(s) or vital details, a personal ID number and a 24 hour emergency telephone number that can access their details from anywhere in the world in over 100 languages.


Membership - including a tailor-made Emblem - starts at £19.95 plus the first year's membership at £30.00. You can take the hassle out of renewing and ensure that you get continued membership by signing up for Direct Debit and you will receive a discount of £2.50*. As a registered charity, the MedicAlert Foundation can also provide free membership to individuals on a limited income. *Your first payment (for jewellery and first year's membership) needs to be paid for by card or cheque.

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