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Mental Health Matters

Address: Avalon House St Catherine's Court Sunderland Enterprise Park Sunderland SR5 3XJ
Tel: 0191 516 3500
Fax: 0191 549 7298

Mental Health Matters aims to enhance public awareness of mental health, to promote a more positive image and reduce the stigma of mental illness and to provide information and education resources for a range of groups, including people with mental illness, formal and informal carers, professionals and the public. It also promotes the development of effective support groups and aims to foster the skills of members and their networks.

Mental Health Matters also promotes the development of innovative mental health projects and plays an active role in influencing policy decisions about mental health issues, including legislation at national and local levels.


  • They recognise that mental health needs change and that people do recover.
  • Working in partnership with service users and their families, friends and health professionals will help to maximise the quality of their service.
  • People experiencing exclusion as a result of their mental health needs have the right to somewhere to live, something to do and access to social opportunities.
  • Their services will be well planed, innovative and reflect the real needs of the people using them.
  • Equality of opportunity and respecting diversity is central to their success.
  • They will promote individuality, dignity and wellbeing.
  • They value working in partnership with other organisations and recognise the benefits of sharing best practice.
  • They will work to change negative attitudes commonly held about people with mental health needs through educating communities, mental health promotion and positive mental health practices.
  • They will strive to be an employer of choice.
  • They value the expertise and experience of people with mental health needs.
  • Real service user empowerment is central to their commitments and beliefs with users being recognised as equal partners in the planning, development, delivery and monitoring of all their activities.


  • Promotes the rehabilitation and independence of people with serious mental health problems.
  • Supports people at greatest risk of developing serious mental health problems.
  • Supports people at greatest risk of suicide.

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