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Missing People

Address: 284 Upper Richmond Road West London SW14 7JE
Tel: 020 8392 4590 (Head Office) or 116 000 (Freephone)
Fax: 020 8392 4529

Tel: 0808 800 70 70 (Runaway Helpline - Freephone)

Tel: 0800 700 740 (Message Home - Freephone)

Charity dedicated to finding and contacting missing people and supporting families left behind.

Aims: To devote all the resources at its disposal to making contact with and helping vulnerable missing people to regain contact with those left behind. The Helpline works in co-operation with other voluntary and statutory organisations as well as with the media.


  • A national 24hr telephone helpline.
  • Publicity on TV/imprint media.
  • Computerised register of missing people.
  • Free SMS service for runaways, accessible by texting 80234.

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