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Mosaic Down Syndrome UK


This free support group has been established to provide support to parents worldwide who have children with Mosaic Down Syndrome and individuals who are affected by Mosaic Down Syndrome. It is a developmental disability caused by an extra chromosome.


  • This group is intended as a friendly e-mail support group where parents can come together and learn from the experiences of others and hopefully establish long-lasting friendships.
  • They also have an online chat session once a month using AOL's free Instant Messenger. Times are posted on the e-group. All the chats are posted on this e-group under 'files' the night after the chat for newcomers to see what they are missing.
  • Feel free to e-mail the group with your problems - if anyone can help you, they will be in touch.

Membership: Members of the Medical and Educational professions who want to learn more about Mosaic Down Syndrome may also join the group.

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