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Myositis UK

Address: 146 Newtown Road Woolston Southampton Hampshire SO19 9HR
Tel: 023 8044 9708 (Monday to Friday - 10:00 am till 3:00 pm).
Fax: 023 8039 6402


  • Aims to support those with dermatomyosis, polymositis and inclusion body myositis and juvenile dermatomyositis and their families, by providing information and practical help.
  • To relieve the isolation felt by an individual when diagnosed with these conditions.
  • To promote a better understanding in all areas of the medical profession in relation to these conditions.


  • Gives information and advice to those with these conditions and their families.
  • Raises funds to provide research into the diseases.
  • Provides specialist equipment to hospitals and in some cases to individuals.
  • Working to improve the diagnosis, treatment and management of these diseases.

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