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National Tremor Foundation

Address: The National Tremor Foundation Harold Wood Polyclinic St Clement's Avenue Harold Wood, Essex RM3 0FE
Tel: 01708 386 399

The National Tremor Foundation was founded in 1988 to provide patients and their families with quality information on essential tremor.

The Tremor Foundation was first brought to this country from the USA in 1992 and in 1994 became a registered charity in its own right.

The NTF also maintains a UK wide referral network of neurological specialists experienced in the clinical care of Tremor. Over the past 4 years, the NTF has established six support groups and an extensive network of member contacts.

Aims: The National Tremor Foundation aim to offer a support and advice to all sufferers of Tremor irrespective of age or type. The most common of these is essential tremor, quite often hereditary, but they also have members with more complex and unusual tremors such as writing tremor, primary orthostatic tremor and myoclonic distonis to name a few.

Activities: All support groups are open to members of the National Tremor Foundation, they would encourage people who are considering joining the foundation, to attend one of the group meetings to gather more information.

Membership: Starts at £20 and £15 per year.

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