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The Neuro Foundation

Address: HMA House 78 Durham Road London SW20 0TL
Tel: 020 8439 1234
Fax: 020 8439 1200
Website: www.nfauk.org

Charity dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by Neurofibromatosis (NF). the Neuro Foundation (also known as the Neurofibromatosis Association) was founded in 1981 by families with NF to help others.

Aims/Activities: Neurofibromatosis is one of the world's most common neurogenetic conditions. The affects on families are devastating, more so because they are unlikely to have heard of NF before diagnosis and won't know where to get help. Categorised into NF1 and NF2 the severity of the condition will vary from person to person and whilst some may live a normal life, many of those with NF could have a multitude of medical, physical and psychological complications. Neurofibromas, sight defects, malformation of the long bones causing amputations, learning difficulties and speech problems are just a few of the symptoms associated with NF1. With NF2 brain tumours, tumours on the spine, cataracts and deafness leading to a lack of mobility are the norm. Over the years the charity has developed its mission and now funds five specialist nurses who help patients and families, giving vital support in homes, schools and hospitals offering practical and emotional support. The charity also supports a national helpline and information service, funds research, runs social weekends for people with NF1 and NF2, and produces literature and a website.

Local Groups: We are currently in the process of setting up local support groups. Anyone interested in helping to co-ordinate a local group should contact Head Office at the above address.

Membership: Please contact for current membership fees.

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