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Organisation for Anti-Convulsant Syndromes

Address: P.O. Box 772 Pilling Preston PR3 6WW
Tel: 01253 790 022
Fax: 01253 790 022

Support group for sufferers and families of those born with a Foetal Anti-Convulsant Syndrome.


  • To provide help and support to families with children affected by the syndrome.
  • To increase awareness of Foetal Anti-Convulsant Syndrome.
  • To make women aware of contraceptives and how they affect Anti-Convulsant Medication.
  • To make young girls understand their epilepsy and the difficulties if they should become pregnant.
  • To encourage parents in their quest for diagnosis.
  • To ensure that women taking Anti-Convulsant medication are aware of the risks and the steps which can be taken to minimise them.
  • To give information concerning the additional problems caused by the effects of Foetal Anti-Convulsant Medication Syndrome.
  • To put families in touch with other support groups who are able to help with specific problems.
  • To support children with educational needs and also with health issues.
  • To help families understand social services and benefits available to them.

Membership: See website for details

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