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Ouch UK

Address: Pyramid House 956 High Road London N12 9RX
Tel: 01646 651 979
Website: www.ouchuk.org

Support for sufferers of cluster headaches and their families.


  • To Provide support for sufferers of Cluster Headaches and their families.
  • To increase public awareness of the condition.
  • To work to improve understanding of the condition, its prevalence and its effects.
  • To liaise with the medical profession to improve diagnosis and treatment.
  • To provide information and access to Cluster Headache sufferers and those engaged in research into the causes, treatments and cure for the condition.
  • To produce its own database based on the experience of sufferers.
  • To maintain a website as a source of information and a contact area for those affected, and produce similar literature for those without Internet access.


  • Exists to raise general awareness of the condition within the medical profession and the general public.
  • Offers support and guidance to sufferers and their families and works closely with the Institute of Neurology in London where their patron, Professor Peter Goadsby, runs the Headache Group.
  • The Group conducts clinical and laboratory based research into the mechanisms and management of headache syndromes. Their main interests are in migraine and the trigenimal autonomic cephatalgias, including cluster headache. The Group is widely acknowledged to be amongst the foremost clinical/translational groups in headache in the world. Many of the members, both sufferers and supporters, have participated in the research carried out there.
  • Your membership of Ouch (UK) enables them to reach out and help others who suffer the same terrible condition that you do. Their charity will grow as the membership grows and your collective voice grows louder and louder.
  • They have and will continue to help Cluster Headache sufferers by providing information and support. Your membership fees or donations will enable them to continue to do this for both existing members and new ones.

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