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Address: BCM Box OUTSIDERS London WC1N 3XX
Tel: 07074 990 808

Self-help group for people who have become socially isolated.

Outsiders has now taken over some of the roles of SPOD (Association to Aid Sexual & Personal Relationships of People with Disabilities) which has now closed including its helpline, but they are not providing a continuation of the service.


  • To promote integration between disabled and able-bodied people.
  • To encourage contact and friendship between people who feel alienated from society because of physical or social disability, mental illness or sexual orientation.
  • To reach more isolated and disabled people.
  • To give encouragement to Outsiders members.
  • To campaign for disabled people's rights to privacy and a satisfying personal life.
  • To educate the public.
  • To promote their aims.


  • Support by telephone and letter.
  • Fundraising.
  • Confidential list of members.
  • Personal communications and recommendations.
  • Free forwarding service.
  • Library-by-post service.
  • Providing regular mailings.
  • Providing unthreatening events where people meet up and practice socialising.

Cost: All services covered by membership fee, except parties and postal library (refund of postage requested).

Local Groups: For details contact the organisation.

Membership: For details and current membership fees contact the organisation.

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