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Address: 9 Bective Road Putney London SW15 2QA
Tel: 020 8870 8643

Paradigm is the leading consultancy, training and development agency in the field of disability.


  • Justice, Inclusion, Accountability, Tenacity, Delivery, Purposeful, Commitment, Fun and Generosity.
  • Honesty, Simplicity, Clarity and Difference.
  • People, Relationships, Themselves and You!
  • A large agency rate for statutory agencies and independent agencies with a turnover of more than £4M p.a.
  • A small agency rate for independent agencies with a turnover of less than £4M p.a.


  • To provide the best range of tailor made supports in the UK, including consultancy, training, conferences, publications and information, helping people, communities and services build an inclusive future.
  • Is for all people to discover and get the lives they want - from the ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Through transforming communities and services they will make a massive difference to people's lives.
  • They are recognised as an unrivalled and exciting organisation that does what it takes to deliver. Their passion, commitment, honesty, reflection, nurturing and challenging each other is there for all to see.
  • At Paradigm they pride themselves in their transparent and value for money pricing. Their training and consultancy product is priced according to band. This refers to the typical daily rate for that type of work.

Their pricing structure is driven by:

  • The size of the organisation requesting the work.
  • The complexity of the work.
  • Whether a Consultant, Senior Consultant, Director or Managing Director will be delivering it.
  • How bespoke it is and how much preparation is needed.

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