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Prescription Pricing Authority

Address: NHS Business Services Authority Stella House Goldcrest Way Newburn Riverside, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 8NY
Tel: 0191 232 5371
Fax: 0191 232 2480

The Prescription Pricing Division (PPD) at the NHS Business Services Authority is responsible for issuing PPC's to people resident in England only, on behalf of the Department of Health.

Patients who have to pay for more than 4 prescription items in 3 months or 14 items in 12 months may find it cheaper to buy a pre-payment certificate (PPC).

IMPORTANT: Some people can get free prescriptions. You should check leaflet HC11 to see if you could get free prescriptions before buying a PPC.

You can buy a PPC on line, by post or by phone. A 12 month PPC can now be purchased using a 10 month direct debit instalment payment.

You can only use the PPC for your own NHS prescription. The PPC will start from the date of your application or phone call unless you ask for a different start date. The start date can be up to one month earlier or one month later than the date of your application or phone call. You need to remember to apply for your renewal early, as you will have to pay charges when your old PPC runs out.

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