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Pyramid of Arts

Address: Unit 68 Barkston House Croydon Street Leeds LS11 9RT
Tel: 0113 234 6040 Text: 07531 215 999

Leeds based arts project. They enable people to take part in exciting, empowering arts projects, regardless of their level of disability or disadvantage.


  • Encourage the integration of people with and without learning disabilities through the medium of the creative arts.
  • Create communities of artistic interest, which include people with learning disabilities.
  • Educate people with and without learning disabilities in communication and group working skills and about the creative arts.


  • Their art is important to them. They make things that can go into performances or exhibitions and can be shown in public.
  • They develop teamwork and a sense of belonging. They have fun and make friendships working together.
  • They have good tools and materials to make work to a high standard.
  • They take part in talking about projects and their work. They talk about what they enjoyed and what they found hard.
  • They challenge unacceptable behaviour in the group and try to understand why it is happening.
  • They get fully involved in projects. This means taking part in running the group as well as doing the artwork.
  • They respect and appreciate everyone's input to the work they are doing.

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