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Address: 4th Floor, International House, 1 St. Katharine's Way, London, E1W 1UN
Tel: 0808 200 0247 or 020 7395 7700 (admin enquiries)

An organisation that supports women and children suffering domestic violence by offering a range of services which increases women's choices and gives them access to professional support whatever their situation.


  • To give emotional support and practical information and refer women to refuges across the UK.
  • To support women within their home and when they move from a refuge into a new community.
  • Help abused women take control of their own life and decisions.
  • To meet the needs of women from different ethnic communities and cultures.


  • The network offers safe houses to women, emergency accommodation and the time and space to make decisions about the future. Some of the refuges are for women from specific cultural backgrounds.
  • The outreach services support women within their homes and when they move from refuge into a new community. Also offer specialist services for women from a range of cultural backgrounds.
  • Welfare rights and legal support.
  • Accompanying to court.
  • Assistance when applying for DSS grants and loans.
  • Help with budgeting, paying bills and debts.
  • Resettlement skills such as shopping and cooking.
  • Assistance in finding work, paid or unpaid, or getting the right training.
  • The Link Group is a multi agency interest group that promotes the welfare and safety of vulnerable children, animals and adults so that they are free from violence and abuse. Members comprise of leading associations and charitable organisations. As part of the links group, some charities offer pet fostering services specifically for pets belonging to women fleeing from domestic violence.
  • Culturally specific services work with women from a range of cultures and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Offer community based projects for Vietnamese, Asian, Somalian and Turkish women. Also provide a service specifically for South Asian women.
  • Outreach Service do, Safety Planning, Building self confidence and independence.
  • Advise on housing rights and responsibilities.




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