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Remploy Limited

Address: 18c Meridian East Meridian Business Park Leicester LE19 1WZ
Tel: 0300 456 8110

Provides supported employment for disabled people.

Aims: To employ disabled people so that they can support themselves and take pride in their independence.


  • Remploy Limited provides supported employment for disabled people in 81 factories across the UK and also provides supported placements with other 'host' companies. It is conglomerate involved in a range of industries and services from contract manufacturing to packaging at textile manufacturing.
  • Interwork assists in the employment of disabled people within the wide range of organisations and occupations, supporting the employee and employer on training, development and employment issues.
  • People interested in being an Interwork employee should contact their local Jobcentre which will put them in touch with the Disability Employment Adviser.

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