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RNIB Access Consultancy Services

Address: 105 Judd Street London WC1H 9NE
Tel: 01733 375 370

RNIB access consultancy is a pan disability service which aims to help create an inclusive society by providing good practice guidance, expert advice and consultancy across a range of topics from built environment to web accessibility.


  • Access Audits of existing environments to identify barriers to access and recommend solutions for improvement.
  • Design appraisals of proposed environments to identify potential barriers to access, offer solutions and advise design teams.
  • Access statements at any or all stages of a project, to help show how inclusive design is being considered.
  • Signage assessments of existing signage, development of new signage strategies, design assessments, costings and samples.
  • The design and production of RNIB Map for all in both large static displays or as hand held tactile maps.
  • RNIB React electronic wayfinding system for blind and partially sighted people in pedestrian and transport environments.
  • The creation of tactile images that allow blind and partially sighted people the opportunity to explore objects that would not normally be accessible to them.
  • Touch installations that can be used to interpret a wide range of subjects in a variety of different environments.
  • Inclusive design products consultancy and the RNIB reference.
  • Visual and disability awareness courses and a range of technical courses.
  • Web consultancy, including audits, user testing, PDF assessment and training.
  • Publications relating to inclusive design.

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