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Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability

Address: West Hill Putney London SW15 3SW
Tel: 020 87890 4500
Fax: 020 8780 4501
Website: www.rhn.org.uk

Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability are a non-profit making charity. Voluntary contributions are vital to bridge the gap between what statutory funders pay for a placement and the actual cost. So that clients have improved quality of life, retain independence, choice and dignity.


  • Provide specialist clinical services, which enabled profoundly disabled people to enjoy as good a quality of life as possible within the limitations of their disability.
  • Develop technological methods together with social and recreational programmes, which enable profoundly disabled people to be as independent as possible.
  • Undertake research relevant to profoundly disabled people.
  • Communicate with professionals and the public in improving care for profoundly disabled people.


  • Provide funds for high quality research in the field of neuro-disability in order to improve knowledge and treatment nationally and internationally.
  • Provide funds to develop new approaches to the management of profoundly disabled people.
  • Support teaching and learning programmes designed to advance knowledge of treatment, clinical management and an awareness of disability medicine.
  • Provide funds for equipment required to develop new methods and concepts clinical management and research.
  • Support the aims and objectives of the Royal Hospital for neuro-disability.

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