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RSI Awareness

Address: c/o Keytools Ltd. Abacus House 1 Spring Crescent Southampton SO17 2FZ
Tel: 023 8029 4500
Fax: 023 8029 4501

RSI Awareness is an information resource for those interested in musculo-skeletal disorders. The information is categorised into a library of factsheets, an open forum for discussion, and a directory of support services. The website is maintained free of charge by Keytools Ltd.

Aims: That by providing these resources they can help people who may be suffering from, or seeking information about, RSI related problems. They do not provide legal or medical advice and strongly advise anyone who thinks they may be suffering from RSI to contact their doctor.


  • Provides a telephone advice service.
  • Provides information on RSI via the website.
  • Promotes best practice in the workplace.
  • Promotes a better and wider understanding of RSI.
  • Encourages research into the nature and treatment of RSI.
  • Supports and encourages local self-help groups for those with RSI.
  • Provides ergonomic computing solutions to assist in the prevention of RSI.

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