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RYA Sailability

Address: RYA House Ensign Way Hamble Hants SO31 4YA
Tel: 023 8060 4100
Twitter: @twitter.com/RYA

UK Development Charity for Disabled Sailing.


  • To develop sailing clubs & organisations so that they are accessible with trained people and suitable boats supporting regular sailing opportunities.
  • To this end RYA Sailability is committed to increasing opportunities, variety and choice for people with disabilities in sailing throughout the UK.


  • Promoting awareness - to make people with disabilities aware of the sailing opportunities and facilities that are available.
  • Liaising with clubs - national network of RYA Sailability representatives and a 'disability audit' service to clubs wishing to develop their services.
  • Promoting technology - support of advances in technology in the adaptation of existing boats for the use of people with disabilities.
  • Demonstrating excellence - the establishment of a centres for training and research, to show clubs how people with disabilities can participate in their activities.
  • Promoting competition - creating integrated racing based on Portsmouth Yardstick handicapping, as well as separate racing within classes of disabilities.
  • Representing people with disabilities - annual seminar for members to convey their views to the RYA, the Government, funding agencies and major international sporting organisations.
  • Helping other agencies - maintenance of a database of agencies that provide for people with disabilities and supply guidance for commercial organisations about best practice, conduct disability audits and award official RYA Sailability accreditation.

Cost: Price of sailing services vary depending on location, contact office for further information.

Local Groups: List of regional sites available on request from national organisation.

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