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Seroxat & SSRI User Group


The Seroxat User Group was set up in June 2002 by UK patients using the GlaxoSmithKline medication, Seroxat, to provide support and advice to users of the medication, and their families and friends.


  • To notify individuals who take Seroxat and who wish to withdraw from the drug with the means and methods to do so.
  • Provision for the accumulation and analysis of relevant medical facilities that can withdraw Seroxat from users safely.
  • Provision for the individual funding of safe Seroxat withdrawal.
  • Provision of medical research concerning any long term effects of Seroxat.
  • Compensation, when appropriate, for individuals who have suffered with the drug.


  • Help to understand the problems of taking Seroxat.
  • Website.
  • Factsheets.
  • Online information pack.
  • Professional resources.

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