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Shopmobility UK

Address: 163 West Street Fareham Hampshire PO16 0EF
Tel: 01923 229644

The National Federation of Shopmobility UK (NFSUK) is an independent registered charity, which aims to achieve equal access and independence of disabled people by encouraging new Shopmobility Schemes to form throughout the UK, Channel Islands, Republic of Ireland and overseas and continuing support for existing Shopmobility schemes.

Shopmobility is a scheme which lends manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs and powered scooters to members of the public with limited mobility to shop and to visit leisure and commercial facilities within the town, city or shopping centre.

Each scheme varies so it is important to contact the scheme you wish to visit, prior to using the service. A member of staff or volunteer will give you all the information you need. Most schemes ask that you bring identification containing your name and address on your first visit; this is so that schemes can complete a registration form and keep a record of your details.

Many schemes will issue you with a membership card and, on your next visit, you can simply show this card. Once you have registered, a member of staff will talk to you about what sort of vehicle you require, and what you will feel comfortable using.Staff at the scheme will then give training. When you feel confident, and the staff are happy that you are in control of the vehicle - off you go! The whole process takes no longer than 30 minutes maximum and in most cases you will be off in about 15 minutes.

Many schemes prefer you to book in advance and this is indicated by the symbols in their entry. You may also be able to book a volunteer escort to accompany you whilst out and about. Some schemes also have escorts who are trained to guide people with visual impairments; once again this is indicated by a symbol.

Visit the website to access information on a scheme operating near you.

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