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Address: Mersey House Mandale Business Park Belmont Durham DH1 1TH
Tel: 0191 383 1155 or 07974 121594 Text
Fax: 0191 383 7914

Promotes excellence in communication with deaf and deafblind people. They encourage greater understanding of deaf and deafblind people and how they communicate, offer accredited qualifications in relevant subjects like British Sign Language, which you can study at more than 700 locations across the UK, and administer the National Registers for Communication Professionals working with deaf and deafblind people.


  • To improve communications between deaf and hearing people by the development of curricula and examinations in communication skills.
  • As the only nationally accredited Awarding Body in the area of communication with deaf people, Signature performs a unique role in monitoring and developing standards of communication.

Activities: Offers certification in British Sign Language, Deaf Awareness, Deafblind Awareness, Communication Tactics, Deaf Community and Culture, Sign Language Interpreting, Deafblind Support Work, Communication and Guiding Skills with deafblind people, Note-taking/Electronic Note-taking and Lip Speaking, and carriers out of the selection, training and monitoring or assessors.

Signature maintains the following registers:

  • British Sign Language.
  • English Interpreters.
  • Lipspeakers.
  • Deafblind Manual Interpreters.
  • Speech to Text Reporters.

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