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Address: Laynes House, 526 - 528 Watford Way, London, NW7 4RS
Tel: 020 8959 0089

Sportability is a registered charity, using sport as a rehabilitative tool for physically disabled people. The aim is not to create 'elite' sports athletes but to use the activity as a catalyst, to effect positive psychological and physical change in disabled people.

The charity is funded by voluntary contributions and fund-raising. With these funds they arrange a year round programme of activities around the UK. Canoeing, sailing, gliding, go-karting, archery, shooting, fishing, falconry, quad biking, scuba diving and microlight flying are among the many ongoing opportunities. For many it's a one-off, new experience, pushing the boundaries of capability. Nevertheless, the buzz is for real and the effect profound.

Their aim is to put purpose back into the lives shattered by paralysis, to get the adrenaline rush back into a lifestyle corralled by a wheelchair or walking sticks, to take the 'dis' out of disability and focus on the ability. To inspire the thought, "If I can do this, what else can I achieve?".

For further details take a look at their website or email the organisation.




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