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The Move Partnership

Address: Enham Place, Enham Alamein, Andover, Hampshire, SP11 6JS
Tel: 020 7403 6382


Small but influential charity that exists primarily as a launch pad for initiatives that ultimately change the daily lives of many disabled people for the better. They change lives through working to overcome the attitudinal and physical barriers that most affect disabled people in the UK and worldwide.


  • Their remit is to act as a catalyst organisation, helping to address the most intransigent problems faced by disabled people in our society today.
  • Their remit is to "pioneer" and to take on the most difficult but vital issues that would otherwise be left unresolved.


  • Works to accelerate the inclusion of disabled people in society.
  • Works on behalf of all disabled people not just for a specific impairment.
  • Works nationwide, and internationally, across all sectors of society, not just in one specific area.




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