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Address: RNIB Scientific Research Unit 105 Judd Street London WX1H 9NE
Tel: 020 7391 3261
Contact: Robin Spinks (Principal Manager)

Tiresias - provides research resources such as details of ICT projects and ICT related standards to help support primary research, detailed design guidelines offering advice and recommendations on ICT accessibility issues and a collection of project tools to successfully complete accessible ICT research or design project.


  • To influence and encourage external research and development of future benefit to visually disabled persons.
  • To influence the design of equipment and systems for the general public such that they are accessible by visually disabled persons.
  • To influence the development of relevant standards.


  • ICT - Information and Communication Technology - provides a definition of ICT accessibility and information on other terms used such as Usability, Universal Design, Design for All and Inclusive Design.
  • This sub-section provides information on the user groups that benefit from ICT accessibility. For example; Blind and partially sighted people, deafblind people; hearing, physically, cognitively and language impaired people and the aging population.

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