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Transplant Support Network

Address: 6 Kings Meadow Drive Wetherby West Yorkshire LS22 7FS
Tel: 0800 027 4490/1 or 01937 585 434
Fax: 01937 585 434

Provides support for people who have undergone or will undergo a transplant.


  • To provide support, non-medical advice and information for all those coping with transplantation.
  • To train transplant patients and their carers, who have been through the process of transplantation, in the skills necessary to support others going through a similar process.
  • To make meaningful contact with transplant centres and referral hospitals so that mutual support may develop.


  • Providing support and friendship for patients, carers and families involved in transplantation.
  • Training courses are offered to supporters and a fundraising programme is created that enables development to take place.

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