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Trust PA

Address: 9 Vicarage Court, Marshfield, Cardiff, CF3 2NA
Tel: 01633 682737 or 0777 621 6347
Website: www.trustpa.org


Trust PA - The Spinal Injury Charity, is a registered charity, set up in memory of Paul-Andre Blundell (Known as P.A to all). Our focus is funding the clinical trials (testing) of safe new treatments to restore movement and sensation for people paralysed by a spinal cord injury, from a broken neck or back.

Aims: To help spinally injured people by relieving their difficulties and aiding their recovery.


  • Helps to fund the vital pre-clinical studies to provide safe. new, ground breaking treatments which are being designed to end the permanence of spinal cord injury paralysis
  • Working, in memory of Paul-Andre Blundell (P-A), to help fund the process of converting and testing ground breaking laboratory science into real treatments for the repair of spinal cord injury (SCI) paralysis. This will over the coming years restore sensation and movement to SCI paralysed men, women and children in NHS Hospitals
  • Raises funds by any possible innovative, legal means they can and with help from their many friends and supporters. They have no employees or paid staff, they even fund many basic costs themselves, which means that your donations will go 100% to fund this vital work




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