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Independent Dyslexia Consultants (IDC)

Address: 2nd Floor 1 - 7 Woburn Walk London WC1H 0JJ
Tel: 020 7388 8744 (General Enquiries) or 020 7383 3724 (Assessments)
Fax: 020 7387 7062

An organisation which focuses in developing the individual's skills and abilities of dyslexic people to enable them to become more successful.

Aims: They aim to enable dyslexic people (both children and adults) to become more successful. Dyslexia is often addressed only in terms of study and literacy skills.

Activities: They provide a wide range of services, which enable them to tailor their services to your specific needs and priorities, developing strategies and solutions appropriate to your situation.

General Services:

  • Telephone advice and information.
  • Free half-hour chat.
  • Top-up IT training.
  • Evening workshops in developing creative skills.
  • Lectures, talks and workshops to local groups.


  • Psychological diagnostic assessment.
  • Trainer assessment.

Services for education:

  • Psychological diagnostic assessment for students.
  • Counselling and tuition for students.
  • Telephone advice for students and staff.
  • Advocacy and awareness raising through lectures, talks and workshops.
  • Training programmes for teachers, lecturers, trainers and educational pyschologists.
  • Consultancy services for universities and colleges.
  • Study Skills courses for small groups of students and educational staff.

Services for employers, managers and HR staff:

  • Workplace consultancy, including advice on policy,provision of services and adjustments.
  • Advice on interviewing, training and managingdyslexic employees, including for human resources staff.
  • Dyslexia awareness sessions for disability officers, welfare officers or HR departments, either at their office or at your workplace.
  • Lectures, talks and workshops to local groups.

Services for children:

  • Assessment.
  • Study skills courses.
  • One-to-one tuition during school holidays.
  • Advice to teachers and school.
  • Support and advice for parents.

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