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Klinefelter Organisation UK

Address: 84 Fenchurch Street London City of London EC3M 4BT United Kingdom
Contact: Caitlin Bryan

The Klinefelter Organisation (KO) is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation funded by membership subscriptions and donations. Klinefelter Syndrome is an abnormal condition in a male characterised by two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome, infertility, smallness of the testes, sparse facial and body hair, and gynecomastia.


  • To act as a contact point for fellow Klinefelter Syndrome (KS) sufferers for the purpose of mutual support.
  • To provide information and resources to KS sufferers, their families and partners.
  • To increase awareness of KS within the UK.

Activities: Provides not only more up-to-date information about KS, but also to give some background as to why people have KS and the reasons for their infertility.

Membership: For membership details please see website.

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