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Legal Aid Agency

Address: Unit B8 Berkley Way Viking Business Park Jarrow South Tyneside NE31 1SF
Tel: 0300 200 2020

The Legal Services Commission (LSC) runs the legal aid scheme in England and Wales.

They work in partnership with solicitors and not-for-profit organisations to provide information, advice and legal representation to people in need.

Aims: Their core purpose is to help people in genuine need to get high quality legal advice, assistance and representation.

Their vision is:

  • Fair access to justice is a cornerstone of society.
  • Legal aid facilitates that access for those who would not otherwise have it.
  • Legal aid must consistently deliver value for money and quality justice outcomes that meets the needs within affordable funding.
  • Legal aid has huge purchasing power that shapes the legal services market & must be used to benefit the public.
  • To achieve their vision they are undergoing a transformation programme. They spend £2 billion a year on legal aid and advice services. They use this money carefully to help as many people as possible deal with very real problems in their lives.

Their three strategic objectives will ensure that they achieve their vision:

  • Maximise access to quality legal aid to meet the diverse needs of the clients they serve.
  • Deliver a sustainable legal aid scheme and an efficient and diverse organisation.
  • Ensure the efficient and effective delivery of justice and wider government priorities.


  • Each year the LSC helps more than two million people to deal with their legal problems.
  • They run the legal aid scheme, which safeguards some of society's most vulnerable and disadvantaged people.
  • Legal aid helps ensure access to justice by providing high quality advice, information and representation to people who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

It means clients can protect their rights by:

  • Getting early advice.
  • Being able to defend themselves if accused of a crime.
  • Taking a case to court when this is the best way to resolve a dispute.

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